Happy Mundane Holiday 2017 : Gucci UFO Alien inspired ornament adventure

Wow, what a crazy year. I’m super grateful for experiencing some amazing highlights (such as curating my first exhibition, or getting to see some of LA’s best architecture first hand). But to be honest, this year kind of sucked. With all the turmoil, disaster, devastation, and disappointment happening everywhere with everything, I felt like this year’s tree and ornament situation needed to be super light hearted, super fabulous, and out of this world!

The Fall 2017 campaign and collection from Gucci was basically the inspiration. Their advertising video was so refreshingly irreverent and wacky. If you haven’t seen it, I’ve put it below.

I was especially drawn to this one UFO motif that was applied throughout the collection. I was also loving the Chinese dragons that Gucci has been using as well, which seemed appropriate for the holidays as it’s a traditional symbol for good luck and fortune. Who couldn’t use a little more of that for the new year amiright?

So… with UFOs and opulent dragons on the mind, I decided to really change things up this year. For the past few years, I’ve been using the same white artificial tree and just changed up the ornaments. However, since I was going for something totally different, I figured I’d go for a new tree as well. I originally really wanted to get a pink tree, but oddly I had a hard time finding one! (you’d think with how popular the whole millenial pink thing has been, they’d be everywhere… but no.) Instead, I found an a super inexpensive silver tinsel tree (it was $12 at Walmart) and spray painted it lavendar. I also got a set of these paper dragons, and bedazzled them with sequins and glitter glue.

For the UFOs, I used some black glitter paper, metallic pipe cleaners, stick on jewels, and a small spool of sequined ribbon. I also bedazzled some cheap plastic dinosaurs and little glow in the dark rubber toy aliens.

For the rest of the ornaments, I either re-used one I already had, or I picked up a few new one (like the disco balls and the star topper) from the dollar/99cent only store.

Speaking of, I picked up most of this years gift wrap and additional decor from there as well. If you need any last minute party goods- the Dollar/99 cent only stores are an amazing (and super cheap!) resource!

For my gift wrapping, I made additional UFOs and aliens as gift tags, and glued some plastic jewels on top of metallic paper for added opulence.

And there you have it… I’m ending 2017 with a hope for a more colorful, playful, and fabulous vision for the future. 2018, bring it on!

Thank you all for checking in here and continued support of this little happy mundane space. If you don’t already, make sure you’re following me on Insta and Facebook, and wishing you all a warm, joyous, safe, and fantastic holiday!

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