holiday 2011- ghosts of xmas past pt. 2

Ok, where were we? right, 2007… well in 2008 I didn’t do much different to the tree, but instead added two DIY projects- a fun wreath and a little yarn-y branch-y centerpiece.

Which brings us to 2009 …

In 2009, I think my obsession with all things geometric/faceted awesomeness really kicked in (and continues excessively now as well!) and I got this crazy idea to create these little wood sculpture ornaments, which meant a little crazy time with the super glue, but in the end they turned out pretty cool:

2010 saw the continuation of the era of geo-awesomeness. Inspired by a photoshoot we did for our J3 zine (which btw, there are still copies available of issues #2 and #3 which would make THE BESTEST GIFT EVER), I made a bunch of paper polygons in an array of weird off muted pastels and neons!  The neon action also extended out to the table centerpiece in the form of a garland made of neon circle envelope seals from the office supply store.

So that brings us up to date! What will this year bring? Well, since I’m currently splitting my time between two places, I have decided to have two different holiday themes. One for each place. And because I’m such a lazy procrastinator, it all happens this weekend!, lol (which apparently means I’m also insane and a bit of a masochist!) So, On to the craft and hardware store! As the always fabulous Mitzi Gaynor says: We need a little Christmas NOW!

(ok, speaking of the above, what is happening with the hot mess of background skaters? lol!)

I’ll report back next week with the results. (wish me luck!) Are you all done with your holiday decor and shopping??

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