modern wreath adventure: episode 1

So as I mentioned, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make myself a wreath- but I want it to go with the theme I started last year with my tree, and to keep it modern. I’ve been looking at a bunch of options out there- and still haven’t come to a decision- The latest December 08 Living Etc. has some interesting ideas. First, I like the retro starburst concept- I’d probably do it in gold, to match the starbursts in my tree- but I’d probably do the rays in smaller proportions. It does make quite a statement on your door though doesn’t it? The second one is similar to the wreaths by Cardboard Safari I posted last week– these are also made of paper- but I like the little gold accents mixed in… anyway these two pieces above are by Helen Musselwhite. She is amazing. You must check out her site for more of her work.

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