modern ornament adventure 2011 pt. 2

What do you get when you find yourself still obsessed with geo/faceted objects and you come across a bag of foam stacking blocks and it’s Christmas time? Well, you get this year’s modern ornament!

Last year, I made folded paper polygons, but this year, I wanted to try something more asymmetrical (and solid?). At first I was considering using actual wood blocks. Unfortunately the reality is, I don’t have easy access to a large selection of small wood scraps, nor do I have a big table sander or saw. Then I remembered seeing these foam wood blocks and thought BINGO! I could just use a small blade (X-acto has a mini saw blade) and hack away! And that’s what I did.

After hacking away the sides at random, I spray painted the hi-density foam pieces in bright colors (btw, I found that if you primed them first, the colors came out much brighter.) Then I screwed in little eye hooks and voila! Geo-faceted ornaments!

I decided to also add some real wood block cubes into the mix. I used some fluorescent yellow masking tape and applied it to the sides to make a bold graphic stripe (plus y’all know I’m a sucker for anything neon with neutral!)

However, I think my favorite thing this year is my hot pink zig zaggy garland. I randomly picked up this pack of neon colored bend-y straws over the summer at Big Lots, thinking I’d eventually do something with them. And, well… I finally did something with them! To finish things off, I re-used some of the wood geometric ornament sculptures from 2009 and a few bright ball ornaments from my 2006 tree.

All in all, I’m feeling this tree is definitely making spirits bright!

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