modern ornament adventure 2010: final details

After the tree was done, I decided to keep the theme going and put together something for the dining table…

I had stopped by Staples recently and went a little over compulsive on neon colored supplies.  I picked up a pack of those neon label dots and a roll neon yellow banner paper, as well as a roll of white banner/ poster paper (which I ended up using for most of my wrapping.) Right next door is a JoAnn’s Fabrics, so I picked up a packet of fluoro yellow embroidery floss, and some bright ribbon too.  Oh, also at JoAnn’s I picked up a few of these white glittery plastic branches. They kind of matched the branches of my tree, and I figured they would add some nice height to the table. I thought it would be fun to use the label dot things to make a garland, so I used the neon yellow dots and placed them a few inches apart back to back on the embroidery floss. I randomly mixed in a few neon orange ones just for variety. After that, I just put together a small vignette of white vases, a few more paper geometric sculptures (I borrowed some that we had leftover from At Your Leisure #1) and voila! Holiday centerpiece 2010!

oh, in case any of you are wondering, the gold metal geo candle holder is one of Tom Dixon’s “Etch” pieces. It comes flat packed and is kind of a pain to put together, but it’s oh so pretty right? I got it at DWR, but oddly can’t find it on their website anymore.

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