Holiday 2017 Gift Guide : Books

Welp, it’s that time again. Shopping procrastinators unite! You’ve got a few days left to get those gifts sorted, and if you’re still looking for ideas, I’ve got a few last minute ones to consider…

First batch is one of my favorite gifts to give (and receive…) Books! As I’ve mentioned before, books are not only practical, they make a great decorative item too! Perfect for new homeowners, hostess gifts, and for your design and lifestyle interested loved ones on your list.

Here are 8 great books to give as gifts:

1) CALVIN KLEIN : This massive book is a must have for anyone interested in fashion or pop culture. It’s the first and only book about Calvin Klein, actually written and compiled by Klein. It documents his entire career including ground breaking and sometimes controversial ad imagery that has help make Calvin Klein the iconic brand it is. $150

2) THE NEW BOHEMIANS HANDBOOK : Justina Blakeney’s newest book is chock full of inspiration, practical tips, and insights to bringing that “Jungalow” style to your home. $27

3) Cherry Bombe-The Cookbook : I have to admit, I had no idea what “Cherry Bombe” was prior to seeing this book. But that fun cover intrigued me, and the photography inside sold me. Cherry Bombe is the hit independent magazine about women and food, as well as the Radio Cherry Bombe podcast. This cookbook compiles meaningful recipes from an eclectic group of chefs, bakers, food stylists, pastry chefs, and creatives. $35

4) Urban Jungle : I reviewed the Urban Jungle book earlier this year, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, give a gift to yourself! It also makes a great gift to any new homeowners, or anyone you think needs a little greenery in their lives. $35

5) Cut That Out: For the graphic designers in your life, Cut That Out is a great compilation of one of the design technique that is experiencing a big revival right now, collage. The book features compositions of 50 leading designers and studios from 15 different countries. $28

6) Creating with Shapes : COS is well known for it’s modern, minimal clothing. They are always inspired by the forms from art and architecture. Creating with Shapes is their first book, produced by Usha Doshi, who has been a member of the COS design team since 2007. It’s a gorgeous exploration of creating clothing using seven basic shapes – square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, oval, and octagon. It’s limited edition, so grab one fast here. $79

7) Scandinavian Dreaming : I mean, the name of this book pretty much says it all. This book showcases Nordic design in all its many variations and is filled with tons of drool worthy images. $60

8) Things Are What You Make of Them – I’m not generally one for those “inspirational quotes” things, but as someone who counts being “creative” as an integral part of their daily vocation, a little encouragement can be useful from time to time. This little book is chock full of little clips of upbeat wisdom, written by a fellow who understands what all creatives go through. Plus the sheets are perforated, which make it easy to tear out and pin a quote that resonates with you. $14

You can find most of these and more gifting ideas on the Happy Mundane Amazon shopping page! Click here to check it out.

Full Disclosure: I may receive a small referral commission (at no extra cost to you) should you purchase something using one of my affiliate links.

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