3 Ways to Use Books in Your Decor

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As the saying goes, “There’s nothing like a good book.” Books are probably one of the best objects to add into any space. Not only are they educational and fun to flip through, they’re incredibly versatile and functional. Like artwork, the type of books you choose express a unique part of your personality.

As a designer, my favorite subjects are art, design, and photography. Books in these categories usually have the most beautiful and colorful covers. They are also more likely to be bigger in size, which can be helpful when you’re looking for a substantial piece to add as an accent.

Whenever I’m traveling, I love scouring old bookstores for treasures… I just hate lugging them back! One great resource I’ve found for finding rare, hard to find, or even new titles of books has been eBay. They have every single subject, and the best part is that everything can be shipped straight to your home. No heavy lugging necessary! Plus 67% of items on eBay ship free!

Here are three simple ways I love incorporating books into a room.

1) A Finishing Accent

I’m totally a fan of de-cluttering, but a coffee table is one area that just screams for a little accessorizing. I like placing an oversized thick book with a bold cover as a starting point for a coffee table. Then I’ll pair it with a few small items so it doesn’t get lonely. In this room set up, I added a recently published James Turrell book. I love how the hot pink and fuchsia on the cover add a nice pop against the warm tones of the couch and cushions, tying all the colors together.

2) A Pedestal

A simple stack of books can act as a great pedestal for decorative objects, or in the case of my little lamp above, a much needed lift! Because all that’s really going to be seen is the spines of the books (and just the cover of the top book), be mindful of the colors you’re putting together. Choose all similar colors for a more simplified look. You could also do the opposite and pair a bunch of different colors for a “gradation” effect. The lamp above is pretty neutral, so I felt having a more playful colored base would add a nice accent.

If you find some of your book spines are graphically too “loud” or not the right coloring, a tip I like to use is to remove the paper dust jackets. That usually reveals a solid cloth cover with minimal text.

3) As a piece of Art

Finally, going back to books with great covers, why not use them as a piece of artwork just as they are? I have a small thin ledge shelf above my couch and it makes for the perfect place to showcase a book. I especially love showing books from modern artists, like this one from Ellsworth Kelly. You could also use this idea when styling your a bookshelf. Turn one of your favorite books face forward to make for a visual “resting” place. It can also provide an opportunity to create a small vignette in the shelf.

How do you guys use books in your space? Do you have any favorites? Let’s continue the conversation of Facebook and make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Instagram stories for more #mundaneaesthetic and behind the scenes shenanigans.

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photo/styling by j3productions.com

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