World’s Favorite Color

If you’ve been following this blog or Instagram, you’ll know that color is definitely something I’m not afraid of, and in fact plays such a big part everything I do. Color is such a powerful thing. With endless combinations, variations, and effects, it’s hard to imaging trying to whittle them down to one. Now, when I was a kid, my favorite color started out as Red. Then as I got a little older, I started gravitating towards blues. Now as an adult, I still usually gravitate toward blues tones, but more as a default as I generally have a temporary “color of the moment” I get obsessed with each year.

If you were to guess what the world’s favorite color would be, what would you think the general consensus would pick? There have been many studies regarding peoples color choices, with varying results and hypothesis. Some studies suggest environmental and geographical locations dictate the choices (for most western civilizations, blues do end up being the most popular, with yellows and ochres the least) and others studies have shown that certain cultural tribes favor colors that are more commonly found in nature (ie. reds, oranges with blues more rare, and thus less popular.) Ultimately it’s all very subjective, however, one paper company is trying to use social media and the internet to see what results they can find.

GF Smith and their Colorplan range, along with the help of design agency Made Thought, have launched Worldsfavoritecolor.com. The site is pretty simple, asking you to register and pick your favorite color. You simply drag the interactive circle/cursor around the page and it changes color as you move it. You just stop your cursor once the screen turns into your favorite color and submit it, along with your location and some other info. The information is collected into a database and the results will be announced in July 2017. They’re hoping to reach a global audience through social media. One lucky person will have their favorite color turned into a beautiful custom paper, personalized and named after them.

Click here to discover more and enter your favorite color into their database!
What’s YOUR favorite color?

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