Ferm Living Spring 2017

Continuing with my round ups of what my favorite brands are up to for Spring, today I’m looking at Ferm Living.

Ferm Living has always been at the forefront of scandi-modern style and for Spring 2017, they’re continuing their clean aesthetic, but adding in a little “opulent” flair.

From their lookbook:

“When first envisaging our new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, we had to travel back in time for inspiration. And we found just what we were looking for in the atmosphere of French salons in the decadent days. From this scenery, the SS17 collection enters the stage as a mélange of bold contours and tranquil textures. Our dreams of the splendorous salons merged with our Nordic roots and from this blend, ensembles of charismatic designs come to life. The decadent glimpses appear in rich nuances and create new liaisons between modesty and extravagance.”

Here are a few more of my favorite looks:

I also really love that they’re bringing back the old “antiquing” effect on mirrors. I remember seeing a lot of these as a kid in people’s homes or restaurants waaay back in the day, but Ferm Living have updated the look. It feels fresh right now and compliments all the marble that has been happening the past few seasons.

Here’s a little video they shared of the launch party for the collection, where you can see some of the pieces in action:

What are your favorites? Check out all the latest at Ferm Living.
If you’re in the States, you can find Ferm Living products via Clever Spaces.

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All images via of Ferm Living

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