Just a Few Amazing Things : April 2016

Hello April?! How has your Spring been so far? For me it’s been pretty mellow. Recently, I was able to finally visit beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico for the fist time! If you follow my instagram (@happymundane) and snapchat (username: happymundane) I’m sure you saw my freak out over the Girard exhibit at the Folk Art Museum. I’m heading out to Austin for a fun collab project that I’ll reveal shortly (but i’m sure I’ll be snapping and insta-ing sneak peeks!) Anyway- more on both of those in future posts! In the meantime, here are a few amazing things to peruse for April!

Mapful via happymundane.com

1) MAPIFUL : I’m always saying, “…it’s not really where you live, it’s how you live…” but that’s not to say you should discredit your physical location! Mapiful is an online shop that takes your geographic location and makes it into a cool piece of graphic art! Just enter your coordinates and choose what style you want your poster to be. It’s super simple and lots of fun and would make an excellent housewarming present or personalized gift. Mapiful was kind enough to make one of my hometown of Irvine and sent it to me, which you can see above. OC REPREZENT!! Start making your own here.

2) FLORRIE- REAL LOVE : Y’all knows I love me some Florrie. Her latest single is so good! As with keeping with her stellar track record, she also has another gorgeous video to go along with it as seen above. um… the styling. the sets. the song. everything?! GET INTO IT!:

3) ANABEL KARIM KASAAR : This video from Nowness takes you through the London home or architect Anabel Karim Kasaar. The colors. The BATHROOM – Yes please. Read the full article here.

Just a few amazing things April 2016 via happymundane.com

4) CRATE & BARREL GRAPHIC TYPE ACCESSORIES : How cool are these graphic kitchen accessories?! It’s a totally retro modern flashback but the simplicity of the bold sans serif font in black and white make it a total classic as well. The collection includes: a cutting board with a handy kitchen conversion chart printed on, oil and vinegar bottle set, utensil crock, coffee and tea containers.

Just a few amazing things April 2016 via happymundane.com

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