TGIF videobreak 5.29.15

Whoooo boy- It’s the last weekend of May! What the what? Time for a massive video break!

First up, I’ve been really enjoying Brandon Flowers‘ latest release, The Desired Effect. Throwback 80’s vibes and it’s all good. This lyric video is to one of my favorite tracks, I Can Change. It’s appropriately tongue-in-cheeky-retro and I’m looking forward to an official version. But for now, do a little Bronski Beat dance!

Speaking of 80’s vibes, clearly I can’t resist anything that has grids, pastels, and neon. The latest Hilary Duff has it all. Despite her somewhat awkward dancing (lol) Hilary looks ameeeeeezing (and isn’t that all that really matters here?) Totally giving me Kylie vibes and I’m not mad at it. Btw, is anyone watching Younger?

This next video by Tinie Tempah ft. Jess Glynn might be the frontrunner for me for song of the summer. It’s just so happy and I can’t stop bobbing my head:

You can always count on Michel Gondry to bring something kooky and awesome no matter what he does. This latest release from The Chemical Brothers does not disappoint.

And finally- this quirky animation by artist Lei Lei just made me smile. More about this here.

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