Steller – a new app to tell visual stories

Recently, I was invited to beta-test a new iphone app platform called “Steller.” I’d never done that before so it was kind of exciting to play around with something like this. And now the app is out! It’s called “Steller.”

But what is Steller?

Well, it’s kind like a hybrid between Instagram, Flipbook, and Pinterest. As you know, I love Instagram. I think it’s the ideal medium for expressing the #mundaneaesthetic. However, Instagram can only show one image at a time. If you want to show a series, you can either “photobomb” your feed with consecutive shots (ugh. I hate when people do that?!) or space them out, but then you lose the impact. Steller has created a platform that’s all about telling a story. You can combine images together in a sequence, add words if you want, and virtually “flip” through the pages, almost like a mini magazine editorial, all from your iphone.

What’s especially nice is that it can handle video clips, and as I mentioned, you can add type and even links. They’ve made it really easy too, providing a ton of preset templates so that everything will come out looking great! Here’s a video on how it works:

I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with the app, such as creating this visual story inspired by my daily drive home from the office. I called it “Commute”. Click on the link below to see the story (give it a moment to load, and also it works best via Safari or Chrome (if you are on a Mac, do not use Firefox as the video functionality is currently having issues on that browser)

Another fun feature of the app is that, like Pinterest, you can “repin”- or in this case, “republish” a story you like and save it into your folders or “collections” that you create. This way you can always go back and see the ones you like. A great example of how this is useful is being able to save recipes and travel guides. You can quickly access them whenever you want! If you’re concerned about authorship, Steller has made it so that you have complete control of any story you’ve created. You can delete/change or modify any story you’ve created at any time and it will update or be deleted in anyone’s collection that may have republished it.

Steller - a new visual storytelling app via happymundane.com

I’m really excited about the potential for this app. They’re updating it a lot and adding new features and it’s fun to see it grow. Aside from seeing my own stories come to life, like the other platforms, I’m also discovering and being introduced to so many talented creatives and seeing their stories. The process of putting together and telling a story does requires a bit more time, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. ) I think it actually translates into a more thoughtful outcome, as opposed to just capturing a quick moment. Once you get the hang of it though, it definitely becomes easy, exciting, and addicting! People have been posting incredible adventures, moments, recipes, places to explore, and so many visually inspiring works. As their tagline goes, “Everyone has a story to tell.” What’s yours?

You can download the app now on itunes here– and find me in their “featured authors” in the “Discover” section or via the find facebook friends or “Find Twitter friends” option- Jonathan Lo / happymundane

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