Haand ceramics

At last month’s Dwell on Design show, I was introduced to the beautiful ceramic pieces by Haand. Mark Warren and Chris Pence are creating “minimal, comfortable, elegant objects for everyday use.”

Haand ceramics via happmundane.com

A lot of thoughtful details can be found in all of their work. Their ice cream bowls feature a slightly higher back wall that allows you to scoop up the ice cream more easily and there’s a subtle spout that lets you drink up the melted aftermath (which is always the best part right?!)

Haand ceramics via happmundane.com

The “chemist cups” are inspired by traditional lab ceramic wear but are updated to be used today for cocktails. They also stack into each other for storage maximization.

Haand ceramics via happmundane.com

I really loved the “cloudware” collection. The swirly blue casting technique is inspired by Wedgewood Jasperware, as well as their native North Carolina sky. Each bowl is unique, and although you can’t really tell in the photo, the insides are glazed and the outside is left unglazed (but polished).

Haand ceramics via happmundane.com

Finally my favorite pieces at their booth was their flocked collection. Flocked porcelain? YES! So cute…. and fuzzy! Obviously these pieces are purely decorative and not intended for actual use, but- how cute?!! They aren’t currently being retailed anywhere, but they will take orders if you contact them directly.

Learn more and check out the entire Haand collection here.

Photos by Shaena Mallett

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