Pantone Universe at JCPenney

Have you been to a JCPenney store lately? I’m sure many of you are going “um… no?” lol, Lucky for you, I’m a total mall rat and retail lover, so I’m always keeping an eye out for you! You may have seen all the new commercials, but “JCP” has been going through a ton of massive changes over the past year. I feel they still have a ways to go, but I for one have been really impressed with the direction they’ve been going in.

One of the new changes is that they’re bringing in some fresh brands, especially in the home and fashion departments. One of the brands I’m excited to see is Pantone Universe! Pantone is obviously THE authority when it comes to color, and as an art director, Pantone is a near and dear to my heart. I’m sure those of you in the design world are already familiar with some of the Pantone Universe product line. (I still need to get one of their mugs but I can’t seem to decide on a color!) With this new collection, you can now add some bold color in your bedroom and bath!

Pantone Universe at JCPenney via happymundane.com

Pantone Universe at JCPenney via happymundane.com

My favorite pieces are the comforter sets and bathroom pieces. I’ve always been a fan of tonal blue, so the “Blue Topaz” color combo is calling my name. I also have my eye on the Tangerine toothbrush holder.

Pantone Universe at JCPenney via happymundane.com

And don’t think everything is only in solids- The collection also has a few playful prints, like this ombre pillow or this “Macaw Green Colorwaves” shower curtain.

Pantone Universe at JCPenney via happymundane.com

Pantone Universe at JCPenney via happymundane.com

Prices range from $15 for the accesories and towels, to $140 for the comforter sets. Check out the whole collection coming into stores now, and also online.

"Happy Chic" collection by Jonathan Adler for JCPenney via happymundane.com

Also, be on the lookout for additional new collections from other fun brands, like, um… Jonathan Adler?!! (yes, he’ll be debuting a new “Happy Chic” collection this month! I’ve got more details on that coming soon! and… some of it is already online!) In the meantime, get a sneak peek here!

All images courtesy of JCPenney

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