Remembering Evelyn Ackerman

My heart has been heavy since yesterday, when I received the sad news that Evelyn Ackerman passed away Thursday evening. I had the privilege of being able to have spent some time with Evelyn and her beloved husband Jerry.

The work they created together for over 5 decades not only helped shape the “California Modern” aesthetic, but was a testament to the deep love they had for each other. A love that was still so strong and evident even by the time I met them, (after 60+ years of marriage!!). As Laura, their daughter, wrote to me last night in an email, “True Love does exist!”

Evelyn’s designs always had a simple, playful, and colorful spirit which was so reflective of who she was. One of my favorite shots I have is of her work table. Evelyn had an incredible sense for color. It was so amazing to see her pencil sketches that showed the different color combinations she would give to the manufacturers of some of her classic designs.

I’m thankful that she leaves behind an amazing legacy of work to continue to inspire and delight generations to come. If you’d like to know more about the Ackerman’s work, please visit their website, Ackermanmodern.com.

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