my house on bhg.com

Remember when my home was featured awhile back in DIY Ideas magazine? Well, looks like the DIY Ideas website content has merged into the Better Homes and Garden’s site! So, you can finally view the story here (they even kept the best shot… of PEPÉ of course! yay! *total stage Dad cheer*)

Truth be told, my place doesn’t normally look exactly like the way it was styled in the story (nor is it ever this clean) This was actually shot back in 2010! (and disclaimer: some things were slightly rearranged and some accessories were added to emphasize bright color combos, ie. the aqua bedspread that Pepé is on was something the stylist brought in…), BUT for the most part, they definitely captured the overall spirit and feel. I’ve been spending so much time over at Project SB that I’ve totally been neglecting this home base. Stay tuned though, I’m planning on posting some updates in the coming weeks and I’ve been sharing some peaks via Instagram (@happymundane)

Anyway- super big thanks to Victoria and Flor for highlighting it!

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