sideways half dip frames

Not that I’m a mall rat or anything (ok, yes I am), but I was passing by Gap Kids the other day and their current window displays totally caught my eye.

Aside from all the bright happy color that is everywhere this Spring, I was loving the picture frames! Raw wood with random portions color blocked in a single bright color.

They reminded me of another example that I’ve seen recently, by designer Lucas Maassen. His version is a little looser (I actually kind of prefer the look of the paint bleeding).

I’m not really sure what to call this… sideways half dip? Either way, some fun inspiration for adding a little pop to a wall or photo/art vignette.

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  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar Reply
    I love both versions but like you say the Lucas version has a little more personality/rawness to it! Fab inspiration, Jon.
  2. Nikki Dahl Reply
    This is such a fabulous look! I love it and will have to try it out!!
  3. London Reply
    I used to love Gap... but I have become so disappointed in their styles lately! Hopefully their styles will follow their window displays and start to improve!! I love the frame idea!!
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