Pr:SB update: a fresh coat

So… you’ve seen the shelves, the desk, and the headboard to the downstairs master bedroom. The last thing I really needed were nightstands. I initially was going to go with something like these, but it turned out they were way too low. So, those were out, and the quest continued…

I went to two local consignment shops and came across a few options. Finally I settled on these puppies (shown below) $29 each! They were the perfect height. I wasn’t totally sure about the handles, but in the end I kind of loves them a lot- and when you eventually see the rest of the space, their vintage brassy-ness fits right in!

I thought I’d just clean them up a bit and leave the wood finish. However, I was looking back at the inspiration shot for the headboard and really loved the idea of the black painted end table paired with the weathered wood. It inspired me to think about painting the nightstands a color instead! But what color? Well after a good long look at the endless paint swatches at Home Depot, I decided to go with “Starless Night (UL230-1)” from Behr.

And here we are- after a fresh coat, we have lovely blue night stands! The pictures do not do the blue justice. They are in fact a gorgeous deep dark warm glossy navy. Muy Sexy.

(By the way, for any of those curious, the neato typographic lamps were a HomeGoods find!)

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  1. tula Reply
    Hooray for super neato DIY and lamps!
  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar Reply
    Love the lamps and the shade of blue you went for. Great DIY, Mr!
  3. lillabilly Reply
    That is THE perfect shade of blue. I have been thinking about painting a carved sideboard in my house that exact colour for ages. Your tables turned out brilliantly.
  4. claire Reply
    I love what you did -- retaining the original color for the drawers. Awesome job! :)
  5. ali Reply
    the color is so striking ... i love it! and the blue makes the drawer pulls look fresh instead of dated. can't believe you scored those lamps at homegoods. they do have a great selection from time to time, i just saw a dVf home tablecloth and a vera wang duvet there yesterday! congrats jon! the SB place is really coming together!
    • Jon Reply
      thanks guys! alison- i saw some DVF stuff at HG too! was so excited! will need to check back to see what else they'll be carrying!
  6. Dab Reply
    Muy, muy sexy. It still amazes me what fresh paint can do to old pieces. I love the navy. Excellent work, Jon!
  7. Lesley Reply
    Do you have a post on the headboard as well?? Love it - and looking to make something along those lines.
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