just a few amazing things 10.28.11

It’s been a crazy week for me here in happy mundane land. Lots of commotion in the blog-o-sphere too! Let’s get to some amazing things:

• 1) Did you know West Elm has their very own awesome blog now? And oh, look who we have here? ME! lol- If you’re curious, check out this little interview West Elm so kindly had with yours truly, and then check out the rest of their beautiful blog here. (Thank you West elm for having me!)

• 2) Speaking of new blogs, I’ve known Igor Josifovic via twitter and facebook for awhile now. Well, now Igor FINALLY has a blog up to call his own! It’s bright, happy, and stylish, just like Igor, so check it out here.

• 3) and MORE lovin’ from the blog-o-sphere?! I told you this was a crazy week! This time, my dear and devoted lil stinker Pepé! is featured on “the ScooP” on Dog-milk! A wonderful resource and site for dog-owning design lovers! Check out Pepé’s interview here. (thanks Dog-Milk!)

• 4) Love these Addison candle holders. Some of them have lower trays which can hold additional items and lets you go vertical when dressing a tablescape.

I have big news next week in my life that will ultimately affect the blog, but I’ll wait until everything’s official to announce it. However, this video is a big clue. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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