even a grain of sand…

…can be amazing! These images are grains of sand magnified 250 times actual size! (images by Gary Greenberg via lost at e minor)

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  • http://www.greytheblog.com Stephanie

    THAT is SO COOL!!

  • http://www.partyspanner.com PartySpanner

    I LOVE this.

  • http://www.hirethewop.com Adriana DiFranco

    So beautiful! Is there any move to make these into wall posters?? I could totally imagine buying a high quality print of this, framing it and putting it on the wall of my home. Really!

  • Nancy Corderman

    Amazing and beautiful- something that was always there and we never knew until someone looked very very close!!!

  • Jane

    Holy moly. It’s like Horton Hears A Who! in real life!!
    How inexpressibly lovely.

  • jessica

    look at what we can see when we look…!

  • Joe Joe

    How amazingly beautiful… If only we took the time for a the little things in life… Imagine what a wonderful and beautiful world would open up to us before our eyes. I wonder if we would take better care of our earth if we could look at everything like this person did with a simple grain of sand. So profound… Yet so simplistic. Thank you for sharing this absolutely beautiful piece. I hope the artist continues to do more like it. It’s absolutely breathtaking….

  • burro

    Those are great. I do macro photography during beach walks in CA, but I can see that I haven’t been aware of what I was really looking at. It’s neat how many are the remains of sea creatures.

  • Dennis

    This just made my terrible day turn around. Simply amazing. I’m a florist and I love sticks and rocks and roots…. so this just stands out loud for me. Thanks…I’m a fan.

  • http://hoynotmanana.blogspot.com Luke Hoy

    Hey there, I love this.

    I just wanted to say that I love how you are mixing it up on this site. It seems that so many home and product blogs have turned into the same ol’same ol’ and I feel like yours hasn’t!

    Thank you! Inspiring!

  • http://www.happymundane.com jon

    thanks Luke! I really appreciate the support!

  • Helen Sacco

    I love the way they glow, how marvelous. Thanks Em

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  • http://www.iartublog.com jennifer // i art u

    this is crazy crazy cool! loved your feature over at west elm. i completely connect with your style!