even a grain of sand…

…can be amazing! These images are grains of sand magnified 250 times actual size! (images by Gary Greenberg via lost at e minor)

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  1. Stephanie Reply
    THAT is SO COOL!!
  2. PartySpanner Reply
    I LOVE this.
  3. Adriana DiFranco Reply
    So beautiful! Is there any move to make these into wall posters?? I could totally imagine buying a high quality print of this, framing it and putting it on the wall of my home. Really!
  4. Nancy Corderman Reply
    Amazing and beautiful- something that was always there and we never knew until someone looked very very close!!!
  5. Jane Reply
    Holy moly. It's like Horton Hears A Who! in real life!! How inexpressibly lovely.
  6. jessica Reply
    look at what we can see when we look...!
  7. Joe Joe Reply
    How amazingly beautiful... If only we took the time for a the little things in life... Imagine what a wonderful and beautiful world would open up to us before our eyes. I wonder if we would take better care of our earth if we could look at everything like this person did with a simple grain of sand. So profound... Yet so simplistic. Thank you for sharing this absolutely beautiful piece. I hope the artist continues to do more like it. It's absolutely breathtaking....
  8. burro Reply
    Those are great. I do macro photography during beach walks in CA, but I can see that I haven't been aware of what I was really looking at. It's neat how many are the remains of sea creatures.
  9. Dennis Reply
    This just made my terrible day turn around. Simply amazing. I'm a florist and I love sticks and rocks and roots.... so this just stands out loud for me. Thanks...I'm a fan.
  10. Luke Hoy Reply
    Hey there, I love this. I just wanted to say that I love how you are mixing it up on this site. It seems that so many home and product blogs have turned into the same ol'same ol' and I feel like yours hasn't! Thank you! Inspiring!
  11. jon Reply
    thanks Luke! I really appreciate the support!
  12. Helen Sacco Reply
    I love the way they glow, how marvelous. Thanks Em
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  14. jennifer // i art u Reply
    this is crazy crazy cool! loved your feature over at west elm. i completely connect with your style! j.

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