rad and hungry

In this day and age of email, text messaging, ipads, etc… there’s still nothing like the special feeling you get from the tangible experience of writing or drawing something on paper. With that thought, I have always loved stationery. When I was a kid, one of my favorite places to go besides the toy store, was the office supply store. I was obsessed with looking at all the different erasers, writing utensils, pads of paper, etc… Whenever I travel to a foreign country, I always bring back little pencils or pens, and I always can use a new little notebook! So, you can imagine my joy when I was introduced to this new company, RAD AND HUNGRY. Hen Chung and Sam Alston take a love for stationery and travel, and combined it into a great concept. (… the name of the company alone is pretty awesome right?!)…(much more after the jump)

Every month, RAD AND HUNGRY deliver a little kit of basic office supplies/stationery that is sourced locally when they are traveling to different countries. They explain, “We’re taken by the concept that simple, daily items are given new meaning through travel.” Each limited edition kit is sourced from a different country. The goods are always unique to that country and therefore a little bit different. Each kit contains at least one writing instrument, paper goods, and a mystery item.

RAH were kind enough to send me a sample of the Korea and France kits. OMG. Let me tell you, the experience of just opening them was pretty magical. I loved how they’ve taken such great care in packaging each kit.

I love the simple brown wrapping with the string, and the little details, like the small card for the Korea kit, and the toile paper for the France kit.

above: the Korea kit

above: the France kit

It’s just like receiving a little care package from a pen pal! The coolest thing is you can actually purchase a subscription, so that every month a little package of awesome goody-ness will come to your door- Better yet, it could make an amazing gift to someone! You can also purchase the kits individually as well. Check out all the info at their website or their blog (which is also great because they document all the other fun things they are finding on their travels!)

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