happy mundane blogiversary 5!

Whoa- did you know that this marks my 1748th post on this here little blog AND today marks a whopping 5 years of my mundane musings! 5 years… that was 2006! That’s before the iphone! LOL! If you look over on the right column, down a little bit, you can see all of my archives. It’s fascinating to go back and see what I’ve posted and how things have changed (and not changed.) It’s incredible to think about all the opportunities, experiences, and friends that have come into my life as a result of doing this blog. Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate all the support!

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to click over and share some virtual visual time with me! It’s been a blast and I’m looking forward to see where we end up in another 5!

Sincerely, -Jon


After the jump, I’ve gone back and listed a few of my favorite posts from each year. Take a walk down memory lane with me!


the very first post!

airport color walls

Ed Emberly love

lets go outside

re-doing my parent’s living room while they were on vacation

my quest for a mouthwash bottle

loving martha’s gray

what I did with embroidery hoops and hot glue

mundane aesthetic: orange

it’s ok… do it!



square eggs!

mundane aesthetic: voyeur view

mundane aesthetic: paper shreds

dos lagos in corona

redoing my parent’s family room while they were out

foo dogs

mundane aesthetic: rainbow carrots

hotel valley ho

how to close a bag without a clip

my mundane holiday decorations



spray paint bandits attack! my chair

mundane aesthetic: raindrops

redoing my parents guest bedroom

kim myles “branches out” too!

pretty in pink aesthetic

mundane aesthetic: beautiful decay

changing up my bathroom

mundane aesthetic: sunrise on my sunset

meet Pepé!

modern wreath adventure



mundane aesthetic: color pops

interivew with style editor Vanessa Colyer Tay pt. 1

interview with style editor Vanessa Colyer Tay pt. 2

school tools!

pop pumpkins

Ackerman exhibit in San diego

mundane aesthetic: color on a gray day

my egg chair

cheeming boey

new ornaments for 2009



mundane aesthetic: eucalyptus

mundane aesthetic: neon yellow happy bits

yarn art at honolulu airport

brenda cablayan

mundane aesthetic: chips


dinosaurs as decor

jonathan cross

At Your Leisure zine #2

• modern ornament version 2010 part 1 and 2


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