marginal notes by note design studio

At the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair, there was an exhibition by Note Design Studio titled “Marginal Notes.” I was immediately drawn to the happy colors and materials, but the concept behind the pieces is also brilliant and really resonated with me. They explain:

“One morning over a cup of coffee, we decided to let go of all ideas about strategy and allow ourselves to play for awhile. We all went through our notebooks and looked at the sketches in the margin- those that appear in passing, intuitively and suddenly- those that never really got the attention they deserved…”

They ended up making some of these ideas and concepts into prototypes and form studies, eventually collecting them and in the end, this exhibition was created. (a ton more shots after the jump…)

“…Maybe it will give you some new ideas.”

Check out more here.
(images via Note Design Studio and Wallpaper)

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