dar hi

Catching up on my stack of magazines, I came across a recent issue of Maison Cote Sud magazine, and found this little modern magical place: Dar Hi. Located in Nefta, Tunisia, it’s a brand new design hotel/eco-lodge/spa. It was designed by Paris designer, Matali Crasset.

The entire place is breathtaking, and reading more about it, I’m even more impressed. The colors are both playful and appropriate to the setting, and the shapes and details feel modern as well as respectful to the locale.

DesignBoom also has a more in-depth post with more photos here and here. Check out a video of Matali Crasset and Dar Hi after the jump… (note, it’s all in french, but you can still get a good look at the place)

(photos via Dar Hi and Designboom)

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