holiday sputnik mobile

This “holiday sputnik mobile” that Dabito did is genius. He used a mobile originally meant for pictures/photos and swapped them out for Christmas ball ornaments! Great seasonal idea and looks super fab and festive! Check out more shots via his great blog.
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modern ornament adventure 2010 pt. 2

In the previous post, I mentioned I wanted to do something geometric for the ornaments. Well, my first inclination was to make some polygons out of paper. Originally, I wanted to do them via origami. This was a great idea and all, until I actually saw how many folds and steps it would take to create just one… (video above is an example) (continued…)
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modern ornament adventure 2010 pt.1

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I try to do something fun and crafty each holiday. Last year, I was in a grey geometric mood– This year, well… I’m still stuck on the geometrics- except… (more after the jump)
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merry happy crazy colour

really fun limited edition holiday packaging from comme des garcons (via)
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the perfect gift

… And finally, one last gift idea for the weekend, which I think is perfect for anyone, including yourself- since you deserve it… (inserting shameless plug) a limited edition copy of At Your Leisure! Only 500 were made so it will definitely be a unique item- plus each issue comes with a special gift – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! (and it’s only $10!) Order your copy right here. By
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