mundane aesthetic: after the rain…

is a beautiful mess… whoa- what a crazy few days here in happy mundane land. Crazy non-stop rain, which is pretty unheard of here in So Cal, not only threw everyone in a wacky tizzy, but also co-incided with pre-holiday, end of the year- last minute work overload. The saying “when it rains, it pours” really had double meaning for me so far this week! Anyway- the rains are finally stopping, and J3 is
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modern winter quilt inspiration

♥LOVE♥ this story in the January 2011 Martha Stewart Living. The first image (above) totally matches my scheme for this year’s tree and feels modern, warm, but still appropriate for winter. Actually everything about this shot is genius. The lamp, the rug, the faceted wood thing, obviously the color palette, and the vintage pitcher too!♥♥ Another shot after the jump…
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tgif video break: the silhouettes

Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.
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modern ornament adventure 2010 pt. 3

So I mentioned I wanted a hit of neon fluorescent yellow, and was trying to figure out how to incorporate that in. Recently I’ve accumulated a bunch of awesome vintage craft and decor books from used book stores. One in particular, called “Crafts Design: An Illustrated Guide by Moseley, Johnson, & Koenig (1964)” proved to be the answer: A simple paper strip ball!…
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moleskin packman

so. rad. more info here.
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gorgeous giftwrap

The December 2010 issue of InStyle has some gorgeous gift wrapping ideas inspired by current fashion trends. (more shots after the jump)…
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