just a few (amazing) things 11.10.11

Last night I was able to attend the Newport Beach book signing for Jonathan Adler’s two new books on “Accessorizing” and “Colors”. It was such a thrill to finally meet him, and I’m so pleased to say he’s every bit as charming and funny as he appears in the media. The highlight was when I mentioned that I did this little blog and he immediately said “Oh! Yes! I’ve read it!” Um… WHAT?!!!! Needless to say I kind of forgot everything else we talked about after that as I believe my head exploded. Special thanks to Mary Jo from Trust Your Style for capturing the moment for me! (don’t mind the dorky asian guy next to Jonathan Adler. His head had just exploded.) Anyway- here are some amazing wednesday linkage things that have been tickling my fancy!

• the new collection from Heather Dahl called “stripes” is simply divine. Kind of need the whole collection! AND there’s a giveawy involved… (via poppytalk)

• my issue of the new Anthology magazine came yesterday! yay! love the feel and tone of it, and be sure to check out Laure Joliet’s photos that are featured, (she also shot a home in our zine! which, BTW, if you haven’t picked up your copy yet- order it here!)

• have you checked out the new blog by Abby Stone (don’t you just love her name? sounds like such a perfect writer’s name!) It’s called “beauty in the everyday“- lovely and well written

• color paint explosions by Theo Altenberg (via But Does it Float)

• this vintage photo of a cantilevered hangout would probably both scare me and fascinate me at the same time! (via wary meyers)

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