etcetera – sibella court

I saw this book also at Anthropologie and it instantly jumped into my hands- (hate it when that happens! hehe)- It’s Eetcetera: Creating Beautiful interiors with the things you love, by Sibella Court. Wow- another incredible book. Sibella Court is an interior stylist and this book really is like looking into her scrapbook, down to the way it’s laid out. This book concentrates on the art of display. It’s not about overall big renovations or formal settings. It’s really about the creating visual intimate moments in your home. It’s those little vignettes that really tell your story, who you are, what you’re passionate about,… where you’ve been or want to go. She says in the beginning that this book is about “slapdash styling and deconstructed decorating solutions.”

For those of you that are pack rats (like me) it gives ideas on how to display all your special objects in a way that is artful and editorial, (as opposed to looking like you just have a bunch of stuff!). It’s broken down into different color stories, complete with paint swatches, little “insider” stylist tips, and great advice and ideas about looking at things differently.

What’s also nice is that she encourages you to think of your home kind of like a “set”- and that things don’t have to necessarily stay in one place, but rather constantly moved around and re-arranged to make room for new things. Page after page of gorgeous photos and just an all around beautiful piece. Definitely pick this one up! (photography by Chris Court) Available on Amazon and at Anthropologie.

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