new marimekko stash

I often get asked where I got the pillows for my downstairs bedroom (see reference pic here). I actually made several of the pillows myself, and the rest are store bought. For the ones I made, I got a lot of the fabric from remnants at the local fabric store (Jo-Ann’s) but the best place I found for awesome fabric scraps is… the Crate&Barrel Outlet! You can get amazing Marimekko fabric scraps for waaay cheap. If you follow my twitter or FB, you probably figured out that last weekend I went to Palm Springs for a little getaway. On the way, I stopped by a few thrift stores and also made a point to go to the Crate&Barrel Outlet in Cabazon.

I got a few things (they also have CB2 items there as well) , but the best was this pile of remnants. They have this big barrel of scraps and it’s sold by the pound for just 95cents a pound!! So I got all this for just $2 bucks! My favorite is this blue one with these gorgeous streaks. I’m thinking it might become a table runner for summer… hm…

Of course I have no idea what I’m going to do with the rest of them, but the patterns are so lovely I’m sure I’ll use them eventually- (famous last words, I know) but anyway- if you happen to be going to Palm Springs soon, (and are in the market for some great fabric scraps, maybe for a pillow, or some other project, definitely check it out!

I’ll share the rest of the goodies I got from the thrifting in the next day or so- stay tuned!

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