TGIF video break: Dark and LOVE-ly christmas

It’s been an extremely long and draining week for me. All of which appears to start a very fast moving December. I can’t believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away? Yikes! Apologies on the lack of posts this week. I do have a bunch of things in the works, including a bunch of book reviews for holiday ideas, as well as another giveaway! woo hoo!

It’s probably a reflection of my current workload/mental state or the cooling temperatures of the season, but lately, I’ve been finding myself being more and more drawn to an aesthetic “dark side.” Darker colors, moods, and themes, which isn’t necessarily meaning somber or depressing, but maybe more glamorous, mysterious and… sexy? I don’t know… but regardless, It’s friday, and I think everyone could use a little mystery, seduction and glamor for a weekend right?

Anyway, I’m also hoping to start this year’s holiday project over the weekend (click here, or here for some of my past holiday projects) so we’ll see how that goes… it is tentatively involving wood sticks and glue, (and a prayer!) Stay tuned!

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