2009 ornament adventure pt. 3

In my last post on the 2009 Ornament adventure, I was struggling with going with some new ideas versus keeping my existing tree look. Well, I decided to stay with most of what I had and just freshened it up a bit. I really liked how my new geometric ornaments turned out, but really don’t have the time to completely redo my tree this year. So, I’m going to hold that for next year (visions of plexiglass and neon were dancing in my head…), and thanks to HM reader Mintage Home for the comment and saving me from extra and unnecessary holiday stress! Anyway- I started out by spray painting the new ornaments a matte gray. I used this automotive primer that dried really quick. Then, I placed them on the tree as a starting point, and slowly added back in some of my existing ornaments. In the end, I left off much of the gold pieces from previous tree incarnations, but I still kept the star on top. (Click here to see how it looked before). And voila! my tree for 2009… The last thing I had planned for my holiday decor is some sort of table centerpiece. Last year I did these yarn wrapped branches (see here). This year, I’ll probably keep with my new geometric theme… and maybe also repurpose a few other pieces. Once you get me started spray painting (and I was loving how the matte gray was looking…), it’s hard for me to put the can down! Suddenly my eyes start wandering around the house… I think the Spray Paint Bandits may strike again… if you have any suggestions- let me know in the comments- stay tuned!

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