another problem.

Awhile back I mentioned my recent obsession with this dark chocolate spread. Well, since then my sweet tooth has added a new addiction: Pineapple Pie. I first had a taste of the golden goodness when I was in Hawaii- at Mc Donalds of all places! Over there, they have pies only available to Hawaii, and at that time- they had a pineapple pie (as opposed to the apple pies that they have on the mainland.) Anyway- I was so addicted to them there that I had one every day of my stay. Fast forward a few years and a friend of mine came over for dinner and brought- Pineapple Pie- I was like- WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?! And their answer was surprising. Ralphs! For any of you in Southern California, you’ll know that Ralphs is a big super market chain. The Pineapple pies were only $5.99 for the whole pie. So. Good. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been devouring them. Have any of you had pineapple pie? BTW, if you have a Ralphs nearby, another friend said they’re on sale this week for $3.99 with a club card.

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