Palmetto Egg Chair (again)

Last year, I was obsessing over this Palmetto Egg Chair that Pottery Barn offered. The Pottery Barn store at South Coast Plaza actually had a floor model and every time I would go by it, I would go and sit in it and dream about it on my patio. Then one day I noticed it was on sale! I wavered back and forth whether to get it. Even though on sale, it was still quite a bit of money. One day, I came really close to just getting it. I went in, but then chickend out and walked away, thinking I would do one more round around the mall and then come back. By the time I came back- IT WAS GONE!? I was so sad. But then I figured, it was a sign. I wasn’t meant to have it. Fast forward to this year. They brought it back again! Argh! This time, the SCP Pottery Barn isn’t carrying a floor model. So I look at it online. All the time. It haunts me. taunts me…

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