I (finally) got the hook up(s)

Awhile back, I mentioned I was looking for some sort of wall hook/coat rack to my entry situation. Well- I finally got round to figuring out a solution. It was surprisingly quite a mental journey. I started out with the intention of having just a one-piece wall mounted coat rack. I looked around the local stores and ended up purchasing this one from Umbra. However, I still wanted something above it because the wall is so high and it just felt empty. I had a small picture ledge from IKEA left over from another project, and figured I could use that. However, it just looked kind of awkward when I placed it above the Umbra piece. Then, I spotted this great DIY idea over at DesignSponge and was totally inspired. I thought about returning the Umbra piece and using a plain piece of wood as a backer and putting a couple random hooks together instead. I also was thinking to do some sort of modern paint or paper treatment- perhaps just paint half the wood white, or use grid paper… So, I was all set on doing that- went and returned the original wall hook, and was starting to look for individual hooks to try. But then I spotted these “hook up” hooks by Three by Three Seattle– and everything changed- again. I thought to myself- y’know- all I really need are three of these guys and I can call it a day. They were modern, clean, already white- and only $3.99. The original wall coat rack I got was $29.99- and I would have had to find at least 3 other random hooks for the DIY idea. That would take awhile to scout and be a major hunt- and when all completed could’ve ended up costing the same if not more- So I decided to scrap the DIY idea and just go with the “hook ups.” It turned out to be just what I needed and I’m happy as a clam (and the total was only $12, since the ledge I already had). The ledge worked out great above and I was able to find a place for some random art pieces that hadn’t found a home yet. Yay!(Whoa- Sorry- that was totally a way too long story for such a simple result! Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions)

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