The Pearl Hotel San Diego

Another place I was able to check out this weekend was The Pearl Hotel. The Pearl opened up a few years ago, and I’ve been dying to give it a look-see. They took an old 60’s motel and renovated it to hip and happenin’ status. Located on the other side of the freeway in Point Loma (but only a about 15 minutes away from the Gaslamp District), it’s fairly unassuming from the outside. I went during lunchtime, hoping to maybe check out their restaurant. Unfortunately, I soon found out, they don’t serve lunch, and the place was pretty quiet. However, the concierge there was super nice and gave me a quick tour. He showed me one of the bedrooms, which are small, but fully equipped. I loved the use of the Geoff McFettridge wallpaper and beach-chic touches. Actually, the whole place is pretty small, but I found it really charming. Each room even has it’s own little beta fish to keep you company. The pool has a screen above, and on certain nights, they project movies on it. I liked the vertical garden wall too. (I really want to do one of those.) Anyway- I’m not sure I’m exactly the demographic for this place, (I felt a little… too old?- yikes!-did I just say that? but then I guess I’ve been feeling that a lot lately…. er… moving on….) but if you’re young and hip- this could be a great affordable place to check out or stay for a weekend. Rates start at just $99. More info here. You can see more of my pics of the Pearl Hotel , here.

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