Domino: The Book of Decorating

So, I’m sure many of you HM readers were also Domino magazine fans. Although the magazine is no longer, I’m very happy they were lucky enough to publish a book before it folded. The book really provides a great documentation of the spirit and philosophy of the magazine (plus all the amazing photography!). I got a copy last fall when it came out, and what I loved most about it was how easy they broke down “decorating.” Many of these tips I’m sure we all already know, but it’s nice to have it presented in a straightforward way, and also act as a reminder and guide to follow. The book is also a great gift idea to those just starting out with their first place, and for anyone that might feel the task of decorating a space daunting. You can purchase it here

Or… if you’re feeling lucky, publishers Simon and Schuster, contacted me the other day and offered to give two Happy Mundane readers a FREE COPY! whoo hoo! All you have to do is send in your name and email address to: hmgiveaway at gmail dot com (remove the “at” and add a “@” and remove the “dot” and add a “.”) I will pick two winners next week (April 2nd) and notify you by email to get your mailing address. If you already got the book- what did you think of it? would love to hear your feedback!

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