time for a coffee roll

Whew. TGIF. I’ve had another rough week. Finally finished the long draining project that I’ve been complaining about for awhile now, but then just as that was done- got some bad disturbing news regarding my mother’s health. Needless to say, I need a little break. I decided to do a quick getaway trip to Palm Springs, but of course after I’ve made all the reservations and stuff- what happens? It’s all about RAIN!? ugh. Fortunately, I am sadly no stranger to this phenomenon, as there have been many a time where a trip to P.S. was plagued with clouds and rain as opposed the desired fun in the sun. Alas, P.S. I still love you. And I will still enjoy just getting a change of scenery. But before I go, I need me a little bit of comfort and joy- and so- I leave with you my HM friends, my latest obsession. The “Coffee Roll” from 85 degrees. 85 degrees is a new coffee shop/bakery that opened here in Irvine. Apparently it’s a big chain (a la Starbucks) in Taiwan (although no one I have spoke to yet from Taiwan has heard of it). I assume since there’s such a huge asian population here in OC, they decided to open one up here to try it out. The bakery is amazing. and the coffee is actually quite good too. But this “coffee roll”… OMG. lightly crispy outside- it looks all unassuming. But get past the bread/bun-ish exterior and you enter a world of sweet nummy goodness! I don’t know why they call it a “coffee roll” as there is no coffee inside that I can taste. maybe it’s mixed in with the bread part, or maybe it just tastes great with some coffee. Inside, there’s a layer or red bean, and then- here’s the kicker- MOCHI! OMG. They are constantly baking, so if you’re lucky, you can get one while it’s still warm and it’s all the sweet gooey heaven you could ask for. Now, I’m normally not the biggest fan of red bean. Being asian, that is weird, I know, but this combo with the bread like outside and the mochi on the inside as opposed to the outside, has changed my world. If you’re ever down here, you must go. (The shopping center it’s in is the new asian hot-spot. Yummy food choices galore.)
(image above is the same coffee roll about 5 seconds later.)

Anyway- Check back over the weekend. I may have a few more posts since there is a great possibility I will be cooped up inside due to the rain. but hope you all have yourselves a great weekend!

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