p.s. update part 2: The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

So another hotel that is actually scheduled to open this week, is the new Ace Hotel and Swim Club Palm Springs. I’ve been a fan of the other two Ace Hotels (although haven’t been able to see the Portland one in person yet). The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs takes over where the old Howard Johnsons used to be. It’s a little further down, closer to where Caliente Tropics is located, but before The Parker. It’s a huge lot of land as well, so I was very curious as to how they would tackle it. From the outside, looks like they retained a lot of the mid century mod architecture- however- Inside is a whole other story. I wasn’t able to go into an actual room as there was still a ton of construction going on. However, I was able to get some pics from them and I was really pleasantly surprised at their direction.They describe the look as a more luxurious but minimal “bohemiam/camping” vibe. There’s a nice mixture of vintage and custom elements with modern conveniences all blended together. I think it’s totally refreshing from what could have easily become something more kitschy 50’s/60’s that could be expected for Palm Springs. According to their press release “The rooms are designed to embrace indoor-outdoor living with cloaked, tent-like walls and a concrete floor… Materials used in the rooms include bleached canvas, wormy butternut wood, denim, and hemp…” LA based design team Commune was hired to do the interiors.
I’m really curious to see the rest of it and how the whole thing comes together. It will be on my list of must sees the next time I’m out there, fo sho. So far I’m liking what I’m seeing- Room rates go from $89 to $999. More info here. (photos courtesy of Ace Hotel)

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