modern wreath adventure: episode 3

So… still looking for inspiration for a DIY modern wreath this year. I’m always picking up vintage craft books when I go to thrift stores or garage sales, so I went into my archives and came across this old December 1974 issue of Pack- O- Fun! They had a really interesting starburst wreath made out of pieces of rolled up magazines! It reminded me of the one I posted from Living Etc, and I really liked that concept. The instructions were fairly simple. Take 8.5 x 11-ish size magazine pages, cut them down into fourths, and roll them up with a pen or pencil and glue (i used double stick tape because i was lazy and I had a roll handy- but I guess a glue stick could work just as well). I estimated I’d need about 70-100 rolls- so while catching up on my Tivo’d shows, I went to town using an old issue of In-Style magazine. Two hours later, I had a box full… It then says to cut out a ring using corrugated cardboard and glue them down to it. I had an old sheet that came inside a box laying in the garage, so I used that. Well, after that – armed with some normal white craft glue, I set out to make my wreath. It was definitely a learning experience to say the least. Stay tuned to see the results…

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