Puppy status: Life with Pepé: week 2

So it’s been 2 weeks now with lil Pepé. Week one started out great- he was really responding well to walking, not really pulling, took him to the dog park- did fine… learned how to sit… He’s pretty good and behaved inside the home. Still sleeps most of the time. I take him to the office with me everyday and he usually sleeps there most of the time as well. However, in the past two days, something weird has started happening. He’s suddenly starting to act up while on the leash. If he starts to go somewhere he isn’t supposed to, or stray off the path we’re walking on, I’d usually give a gentle tug, and he’d get back in line. Now, strangely, he’ll just stop. He’ll sit. even lay down on the ground. He’ll be all stubborn. This also happens sometimes as we’re coming home from the walk, or randomly in a location, he’ll just decide he doesn’t want to go there and sit and/or lay down. I have to try to coax him back up, or try tempting him with treats to get going. He didn’t do this last week. I’m afraid I did something to trigger this reaction. It’s suddenly made going out for a walk, which he used to be excited about, very unpredictable and frustrating. I’m trying really hard to be patient and positive with him. Since I’ve never had a dog before, reading all the different types of solutions and suggestions on line has been a bit overwhelming. I decided to call in a professional to see Pepé in action (or non-action as it would be) to and see what they think. The appointment is tomorrow… We’ll see what happens…

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