Target-o-rama Fall08 pt 3: Domo for Target

Well, if you’ve been into Target lately, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that Halloween is already there (and I think that’s the real scary part!) Anyway, this year, they went with a totally unexpected theme- DOMO! Now, some of you may know that I’ve been a huge fan of Domo since… forever?! I have a Domo doll above my couch that I got from Giant Robot several years ago- During the recent Back to School season, Target had started introducing a few Domo pieces, like this fun folder and notebook. But whoa, they went hardcore Domo for Halloween! They have a fun little brochure I picked up in the displays that gives recipes and tips for decorating. Online, they even have little Domo movies that were made in Japan, and a behind-the scenes clip of how they made it. I love that its stop-motion animation! Check out Domo for Target here.

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