Target-o-rama Fall08 pt 1: John Derian

Ok- heads up- there’s going to be three Target related posts back to back- cuz, well, there’s a whole lotta stuff goin’ on at good ol Targé. First up is the much anticipated John Derian collection. Have y’all seen it at your local store yet? Over the weekend, I saw some pieces in. First up was in the stationery area. Honestly, I was a little dissappointed.

I’m not really sure what was bothering me or what I was expecting. The gift bag with the butterflies was cute, but for some reason some of the other pieces just felt a little… eh. I went by the decor section and saw a small endcap with some other pieces.

The melamine bird tray looked nice and some of the bins were cool, but the shadow box art pieces just looked… eh? I feel like you could easily make your own with a trip to Paper Source and it would feel a bit more special. I dunno… it is all very pretty. but… I dunno… I’m waiting to see some of the other pieces come in. If you’ve seen it, what did you think?

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