mundane aesthetic: Summer entertaining

Recently I had a few friends over for a little casual summer shin-dig. Nuthin’ like a little BBQ! One of the highlights was this amazing grilled corn. I first had this corn when I went to a recent AT:LA get together at Sarah Kate’s (from AT:theKitchn) parent’s house. Her mother made this incredible grilled corn from a recipe she got from Mario Batali. Here is the complete recipe and back story. Basically you brush the corn with olive oil, grill it with the husk on, then top with parmesan cheese and chopped mint leaves and red pepper flakes, (I substituted with seasoned pepper)- no butter, no salt… you get the salty from the parmesan, and the mint adds such an interesting and unexpected kick. Plus you get a little heat from the red pepper flakes. Soooo good. Sooo easy. I also was able to use my little rattan “hats” that are great to keep the bugs off your drinks. They just add a lot of fun to the table top. I got mine at the Maison Midi in Fashion Island.
And of course, you can’t forget the shaved ice!

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