bathroom ch-ch-changes: pt 4 update

Just a quick update on the recent bathroom redo. So the horse artwork is officially staying and is up and hung on the wall. I put together some pieces from other parts of the house, like a tray and a vase, and are using them in the middle between the sinks. I found a nice cush-y rug from Macys Hotel collection that brings in the tans from the bedroom. It’s pretty basic but sooo soft and feels soo good on bare feet. I guess that’s what luxury really is about, and why not in your bathroom right? I’m still working on finding a better bath mat, which is in a small room to the right which I havent shown yet, because, well, there’s not much inside except the tub/shower and the toilet. (I’m actually standing in that room when I took the shot above.) Because the toilet is inside, it’s sectioned off by a door. Since the tile was put in, the level of the floor increased a little. Consequently the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door has decreased significantly. Trying to find a thin enough bath mat that can clear the door opening has been difficult. Ikea had one, but they were out of stock in the color I wanted… the hunt continues…

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