August 2008

bathroom ch-ch-changes: pt 4 update

Just a quick update on the recent bathroom redo. So the horse artwork is officially staying and is up and hung on the wall. I put together some pieces from other parts of the house, like a tray and a vase, and are using them in the middle between the sinks. I found a nice cush-y rug from Macys Hotel collection that brings in the tans from the bedroom. It’s pretty basic but sooo soft and feels soo good on bare f
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TGIF video break: Peggy Moffit

Happy Friday! and Yippe for long weekends! Check out this way groovy baby video of Peggy Moffit. Super Fab. (via Vie en Rose)
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Shells are beautiful

From Martha Stewart Living May 2008. See the list of all the shells here.
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everything is OK

I love this. (more here, here and here.) (thanks Christopher for the tip!)
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Over & Over by Mike Perry

About a year ago, I posted about Mike Perry’s last book, Hand Job: A catalog of type. He recently came out with a new one called Over & Over, published by Princeton Architectural Press. This time, it’s all about hand drawn patterns! Mike has compiled a bunch of great examples from a variety of artists. This is a great reference and packed with inspiration to have on hand if you’re a designer, bu
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blue munday: ice orb

Omg. Genius-ness. The Ice Orb is “the first vertical ice tray that makes, chills, serves, and stores”!You basically fill it up, place the inside container in, and freeze. If you want ice cubes, take out the inside container and 21 cubes call out from the side walls, then you can use the container to hold them. You can also use the inside container to serve cold foods. Check out the site for a video. Only
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