bathroom ch-ch-ch-changes

It’s Tuesday night and I just finished cleaning out all my bathrooms (I have 2 1/2). Why? Well, I have a confession. I’ve lived in my home for just about 5 years now (yikes- time flies). It was a brand new home when I got it. The only upgrades I did from the builder was hardwood laminate floors, adding in a stainless steel sink, and upgrading the carpet in the bedrooms. Wait- no tile? yes. I couldn’t afford to do any bathroom upgrades. So… I chose the most unoffensive vinyl flooring pattern that could be considered “standard.” It was fine for the most part… until now. One thing that sucks about vinyl flooring is that it’s very temperamental in reacting with certain substances. I’ve learned first hand the joys of discovering the lovely yellow ring that won’t go away, due to a chemical reaction with the rubber backing on a floor mat. Also, some bathroom cleaners don’t like vinyl either (I guess it helps to read the labels) and can leave really attractive stains that resemble urine and won’t go away either. Yeah. Nice. But the worst part- in two of my bathrooms, there’s actually… brace yourselves- carpet! yeah, I didn’t really get it either, but I didn’t really have a choice and I always knew I would change it later. At least it wasn’t where the toilet/tub area was (except for the downstairs guest bathroom, but that was rarely used.) Anyway- fast forward. 5 years have passed. Luckily, things have changed. I’m happy to say that I’m finally able to upgrade (which I’ve tried to hold as my theme for this year). So. I’ve chosen some tiles and bright and shiny Wednesday morning, the contractor is coming to change my bathroom world. Stay tuned!…

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