Strawberry Whipped Sensation!

Whoo Hoo! It’s time for Summer frozen treats! I’ve said before, I’m not master of the kitchen. However, I will full heartedly bust it out (if it appears easy enough), especially if it involves nummy-ness, like Oreos, Strawberries, and Whipped Topping… Over the weekend, I had the chance to try making the Strawberry Whipped Sensation that I was drooling over awhile back. OMG kids, its sooo good. But first, I must preface, I had to do a little… improvising. The recipe called for a 9x 5 inch loaf pan. Um… didn’t have one. So while at the store I picked up two smaller loaf pans (the same kind/size that those Sarah Lee Pound cake ones come in.) And then the recipe called for 8 oreo cookie sandwiches. At the store, they only had the large pack, which just seemed waay too many Oreos… So I just picked up the smaller “snack pack” which had the mini-oreos. This was probably my downfall from perfection because I had to guesstimate how many mini-oreos make up one big Oreo?… I also cheated a little and bought a pack of frozen strawberries instead of fresh ones (I did buy one pack of fresh strawberries for garnish, but I figured the inside mixture ones would be mashed up anyways- plus they were cheaper). For the crust part, well, I think I put in too many little oreos because combined with the suggested 1 teaspoon of butter, didn’t really hold up as well and was a little too crumbly. Long story short- I put it all together, divided it into two pans, and froze it all. Even though it was a little crumbly on the bottom, it was still delicious. It tasted like strawberry ice cream!- I think the combination of the CoolWhip and condensed milk does the trick. I finished off the first part, (on the blue plate)- the second half of it I put on a white plate, looks more like the picture dontcha think? That was gone pretty much as soon as I took it out of the freezer the next day.(this is a shot of the second one the next day)
Anyway- highly recommend this receipe and think it could spawn some fun and yummy variations… did anyone else try it yet?(shot of the second one like, 5 minutes later…)
Here’s the link again to the original recipe.

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