Blue Friday? Dermond Peterson: Ray

I missed this week’s blue munday, so I give you a blue Friday! It’s been pretty hot here in So Cal, so my thoughts have been going to seaside escapes and visions of underwater fantasy. I’m a huge fan of the work of Dermond Peterson. There’s just so much artistry that goes into their textile prints. I love all the subtleties from the block printing process. For example, this gorgeous “Ray” pillow (above) or the “Octopus” (below) are some of their recent pieces. The Octopus design also comes in a kitchen towel version ($25) Kind of goes along with my current Sea Life obsession. Anyway- although the price tag is on the higher end, each of these are hand made and screened and really should be considered as individual pieces of art. As their tagline says, they are “art you live with.” See their entire collections here. You can purchase them here.

Incidently: I spotted this very Dermond Peterson-like pillow at Z Gallerie the other day. It kinda looked like someone just traced over the original handmade Dory design and made a crude copy. Now, I’m all for getting “the look” for less, but seeing this so blatantly knocked-off was a bit disturbing…

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