WYWO: season 3- the finale

So here are the final results of the guest bedroom make-over! I think the most dramatic difference was simply painting the walls. I chose to paint only the main back wall and the adjacent wall that the door is connected to. The other two walls (there’s actually a closet opposite the bed, and then the other wall has a small window) I left white. The second thing that had big impact was to put some floor-to-ceiling curtains along on the entire wall with the window. It helped camouflage the window size (which is a little small), and it added some subtle drama.As I mentioned before, the initial inspiration was this room that I saw on AT:Chicago, but color-wise, I went in a different direction. I found this incredible bedding from Calvin Klein. Ye-ah. It was pretty much the most expensive thing in the room! But I just loved it and it was so perfect for the parentals. The room was so small, that really, it was pretty much the focal point of the room, so I figure, why not splurge a little, (it was for the parentals right?) It was on sale when I got it (although apparently not anymore), so that helped (got it at Macys).
I liked the print because the colors were so muted and it was also a little traditional. It was very borderline “Grandma” with the way the floral print was, but at the same time, it was very modern (well, it was Calvin Klein, hehe). I decided to not touch the headboard. I didn’t have the budget to get a new one, and frankly, it was in good condition, and with the walls so dark, it kind of blended in. I decided to play up the different wood tones, so I looked for a light wood but clean lined dresser. I found one from IKEA. For the lamp, I had this idea for one with a clear glass base, but finding one within budget was a little hard. I finally found one at Sears. It was originally $89.99 but was 25% off- and the coolest thing was it’s touch-sensitive! So basically, you just touch any part of the metal, and it turns on or off! Like magic!Here’s the info on the rest of the pieces if anyone is interested:
Comforter: Calvin Klein- Macys
Bedding/Sheets: Home Goods (i got a really nice lavender-esque sheet set for $34.99)
Bedskirt: Meryvns (seriously the best deal- a clean modern bedskirt on clearance for $4.99)
Brown pillow: Home Goods ($12.99!)
Curtains: VIVAN from IKEA
Dresser: MALM from IKEA
Lamp: Sears, Grace Designs
Vase: Z Gallerie
Mirror: Target ($39.99)
Artwork and frames: IKEA
Paint: “Mystic Taupe” from Valspar at Lowes

Here’s the link to the rest of the redo of my parents place so far. Next up will probably be the downstairs bathroom… stay tuned…

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