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Naked Eye- Luscious Jackson

Happy munday! Today finds me yet again on another bizness trip back up to Seattle. I have so much traveling to do in the next couple of weeks, its kinda crazy. I’m usually pretty good about packing, but this time I was so rushed that I totally forgot a few things.  Ugh. hate that. Luckily it’s not like I’m going someplace unfamiliar or out of the country, so I can still just jump over to a trustworthy Target and get what I need. One thing about traveling is that I have found I have this ritual. I do the same thing every time. It breaks down to these 8 steps:

1. Get to Airport.
2. As soon as I get into the security line, remove belt, keys, wallet and shove into carry on bag. (I hate all the shuffling right before I have to pass through the security and thing and prefer to speed through that as fast as I can. 
3. Leave security area and find a nearby seat.
4. Put myself back together (put back shoes, belt, wallet, etc…)
5. Go to Newstand.
6. Buy water, some sort of small snacky thing, like M&Ms, Raisinets (I totally used to think these were gross when I was a kid, but a few years ago I re-visited the idea and now totally love them!)
7. Pick up 2-4 magazines. It usually breaks down to: 2 bad trashy mags, like People or In-touch (its the only time I read them… honest… hehe), whatever issue of In-Style (i like that they’re usually really thick)  and then a home design mag (if there’s one I haven’t read yet)
8. Depending on the time of the flight, I may get something to eat too. Oh the joys of airport food… actually some airports do have some decent offerings…
anyways- I’ve found that this has become my routine whenever I’m at the airport. Doesn’t matter where I’m going. Is that weird? Do you have a travel routine?

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